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24/7 Security with our Dashboard Cameras

Dashcams are becoming increasingly popular as more people wish to document their experiences while on the road. Our dashcams cover both the front and the rear of your vehicle, keeping you covered from all angles.

Dashcam Cameras

Reverse Your Car Safely and Securely

Our reverse cameras are fully integrated into your original head unit – giving the appearance that it has been there all along. The camera activates once you put your car in reverse, giving you increased visibility, and lower chance of accidents.

Trust Us to Alarm Your Vehicle

Traditional car and van alarms  now include modern enhancements, which add an extra level of security, and are also more straightforward for the vehicle owner to utilise.

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About Us

Tracking Doctor in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, has over 20 years of experience in vehicle security, initially focusing on installing and supplying cars and vans with alarms for extra protection. 10 years ago, with the rise of insurance claims, vandalism, and especially theft, with cars becoming more technological, we began to expand the business into more modern areas of security.

Today, along with traditional car and van alarms, we now supply and fit vehicle tracking systems, reverse cameras, and dashboard-mounted cameras - which can be especially helpful if you’re making an insurance claim. Tracking Doctor also provides a safe storage service – if your car is ever broken into or vandalised, we can remove your vehicle from the scene, and take it to a secure location for safekeeping at your convenience.