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Use Pandora Alarms for Anti-Theft Protection in Wolverhampton, West Midlands

Protect your vehicle from thieves with a Pandora alarm system. Committed to providing the best level of anti-theft and anti-hijack protection to our customers in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, Tracking Doctor stocks Pandora alarms with exclusive service functions. This includes a fully functional and safe connection through the vehicle’s digital CANBUS network, compatible with most modern cars.

Control from a Desktop or Laptop

With Pandora alarms, you will be able to control and monitor your vehicle for free, through our online personal login portal

Use any device with Internet connection, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets, to get even more features and control than the smartphone app. Access a number of additional features, including:

  • Generate Reports
  • Delegate System Control to Other Users
  • Create Notification Rules
  • Manage Vehicle Fleets
  • GeoFences

Digital Protection

For your peace of mind, all systems feature Dynamic Dialog Code. Pandora’s new AES coding algorithm and dynamic dialogue service information guarantees that electronic hacking and theft are impossible.

Smartphone Applications

  • Pandora Online
  • Pandora Pro

The Pandora app connects you and your alarm system to your smartphone. The specially designed mobile app has been designed for both IOS & Android devices. It will work on smartphones, tablets and iPad. This will allow you to:

  • Monitor Your Vehicle
  • Adjust System Parameters
  • Control Your Car from Anywhere in the World

For systems with a built-in Bluetooth interface, the app also switches between Bluetooth and an internet connection when needed, in order to get a better connection. There is also the option to use your smartphone as an immobiliser tag.

Bluetooth Mobile Applications

Pandora BT

A new mobile application for Android and iOS designed to control and configure Pandora security-service systems through the Bluetooth interface. It allows you to:

  • Adjust Important Parameters of Auto Starts
  • Adjust the Sensitivity of the Shock/Tilt/Motion Sensors
  • Configure Radio Tags for Hands-Free Mode
  • Set up Your Smartphone as a Radio Tag

Pandect BT

Pandect BT is a special application of Android and iOS. It is designed to work with the latest Pandora IMMO via a Bluetooth connection. The main functions of this app allow you to:

  • Configure Immobilisers
  • Control Maintenance Modes
  • Control Preheater Operation
  • Diagnose Immobiliser/Radio Relay/Hood Module
  • Update Firmware

Active Security

When arming in active security mode, online service will constantly monitor GSM connection and the vehicle’s coordinates. In the case that the vehicle is towed away, or the connection is lost, the owner will instantly be notified.

Owner’s Personal Safety

If you are unfortunate enough to be in a vehicle accident or you press the SOS button in an emergency, the alarm system will instantly send notifications to your saved group of emergency telephone numbers. 

The system will also record your vehicle’s exact location and coordinates. Car accidents will be stored as an event in the online event history for future records.

Built-in USB Interface

Configure your system and update your firmware using the system’s built-in micro-USB port and the Pandora AlarmStudio application for Windows. The system receives power supply form the USB port, allowing you to configure a system without connections to vehicle circuits.

Intelligent Engine Start

When connected, all Pandora systems allow remote start and automatic engine starts. The systems reliably control the main engine parameters and car state during remote start procedure.

The system allows the user full control and adjustment, including starting the engine by time, voltage, temperature settings. The turbo timer and ignition support functions allow for integration on turbocharged engines, keeping the system fully armed at all times.

Engine Heaters Control

Control any original engine preheater or engine heater in fitted to your vehicle using your Pandora system. Modern and effective, this allows you to remotely preheat your vehicle so that it’s already nice and warm before you drive.

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