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Car alarms have rapidly improved over the years. Modern-day car alarms now have many high-tech extras which contribute to the overall security of your car, including vehicle tracking. Instead of having to carry round a fob, depending on the model of the car, we can integrate the system with your original key. Our company in Wolverhampton also provide alarms that can be integrated into a tracking system, which if in the unfortunate occasion anything was to happen to your car – it would immediately alert your insurance company at your convenience.

Many thieves can now bypass the older security systems, either provided by a third party, or already pre-installed on older model’s of vehicles, so it’s important to regularly update your security system in your car or van. Even if you are not particularly concerned about the physical security of your vehicle, alarms can be an investment. Insurance companies will often reduce your premiums when they see that you have a modern alarm installed.

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Some alarms have separate key fobs for the alarm, however depending on the model of the car, Tracking Doctor can integrate your car alarm with the original key. This is a service we can provide, which can save you from carrying around more than you need.

Tracking Doctor will also integrate the alarm into a tracking system for you – which in the event of a break-in or theft, can both alert the insurance company and provide precise location if your car is stolen. This system also allows you to receive calls from your insurance company should an emergency arise, so you’re receiving information about your vehicle in real time – instead of discovering the damage at the end of your shift at work or shopping trip.