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Extra Security in Wolverhampton with a Tracking Doctor Dashcam

Tracking Doctor Dashcams are multi-purpose, next-level, optimum security. Not only are you totally covered with an unbiased witness – all our dashcams are insurance company approved, meaning you could benefit from lower premium rates. Fitted with a tracking system, and linked to your insurance - the team here at Tracking Doctor, Wolverhampton, have you covered from all angles.

Tracking Doctor, located in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, provides and fits

Dashboard cameras for your vehicle, which cover both the front and rear of your vehicle for optimum security. Our dashcams not only give your car or van 24/7 motion activated surveillance, they also detect speeds cameras, and contain a black box. Black box technology can help to prevent theft, can locate a car in the event of theft, and is a useful in claim management, as the black box can determine how you were driving in the moments prior to a bump or crash.

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Our dashcams also have a ‘parking mode’, in which the camera stops recording after 5 minutes of being parked, and only reacts to movement within 3 feet of your vehicle. This of course can be tweaked to reach further at your discretion, however Tracking Doctor find this unnecessary, as this could leave you with a lot of footage you will not require.

Tracking Doctor’s dashcams are insurance company approved - which in turn offers lower premium rates.