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Increased visibility is just one benefit of installing a reverse camera into your vehicle. Tracking Doctor, in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, fit reverse parking cameras that aren’t just handy parking aids - they reduce the chance of having accidents whilst reversing, as you have a panoramic view of what’s behind you. As well as providing optimum vehicle protection, the integrated screen can be modified to display TV – perfect for long stop-overs

Tracking Doctor’s reverse cameras are integrated with the original head unit, which gives such a seamless appearance, you would otherwise assume that the camera had been installed all along. The camera activates when you put your car in reverse, and displays panoramic views of behind your car from the screen – giving the driver increased visibility, more confidence when reversing in or out of spaces, and of course, saves you from a sore neck!

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The reverse camera can also be integrated into the front camera. When the car is travelling under 5mph, this will then activate the front camera, giving you and your vehicle comprehensive protection for the front and rear angles of your car.

Tracking Doctor can also offer a service in which we transform the screen in your dashboard into a TV - allowing you to watch your favourite shows whilst you rest at those dull service stations.